The Day Of K

Who’s amazing? I’m amazing.

Getting it Done… April 26, 2008

1. Find an Old Friend

I saw my old friend Megan at English Festival. She totally changed over the years. She swears alot more now. It’s kinda scary. =/
6. Have a big party and invite every single one of my friends

The graduation party was the best. Lots of music and dancing.
8. Have my portrait painted

I once was a subjuct for an art class. It was alot harder than it sounds.

18.Have an accent for a day
Actually, my friend Dom and I are working on this one.

20.Make cookies from scratch
My sibling and I had a great time making choclate  bricks cookies with our aunt.

22. Eat Sushi

I’m not really sure why this one is on here, but my personal favorite is cold cucumber sushi (but it’s a bit watery ).

23. Walked a real runway

I did the professional modeling thing for awhile. =/
24. Have you picture in a newspaper

My robotics team totally swept the competition and picked up and impressive 6 trophies at the last robotics competition.
25. Win an award for writing

6th place out of hundreds isn’t to bad. But I can do better.

26. Win an award for photography

Yay! I won 3rd place and 1st place. (Of course)

28. Meet a person who is famous for doing something I’ve wanted to do

I met Joan Bauer at the English Festival. She was an amazing lady and my new idol.


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