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40 Before 40 April 15, 2008

This is my list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40.

  1. Find a long lost friend
  2. Learn to dance, and enjoy it
  3. Swim with the dolphins
  4. Conquer a fear
  5. See the Butter Cow at the Iowa State Fair
  6. Have a big party and invite every single one of my friends
  7. Be in a film
  8. Have my portrait painted
  9. Own a room with a view
  10. Send a message in a bottle
  11. Plant a tree
  12. Be the boss
  13. Write a book
  14. Sing a great song in front of an audience
  15. Buy a house and spend time making it exactly how I want it
  16. Go to Paris
  17. Touch an iceburg
  18. Have an accent for a day
  19. Visit Japan
  20. Make cookies from scratch
  21. Speak two languages fluently
  22. Eat Sushi
  23. Walked a real runway
  24. Have you picture in a newspaper
  25. Win an award for writing
  26. Win an award for photography
  27. Taught myself an art from scratch
  28. Meet a person who is famous for doing something I’ve wanted to do
  29. Learn to drive!
  30. Go far away for a while
  31. Dance in the rain
  32. Take more pictures
  33. Draw More
  34. Keep in touch with new old friends
  35. Find a job I love
  36. Go on a road trip without a predeterminded destination
  37. Become a millionaire
  38. Go to college (duh)
  39. Get a puppy
  40. Plant a Garden
  41. Be in a Musical
  42. Write a poem a day for a month

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly 40 but still, it’s my list. Make your own.


5 Responses to “40 Before 40”

  1. Hello, cahance past your blog and decided to comment cause… I have a list too! I also have 11 and 31. Haha. You have quite alot of stuff crossed out already!

  2. Kels Says:

    I wish you good luck on your list. =]
    I just hope I can get all of it done. =/

  3. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like school is getting off to a great start….how exciting!

  4. Kels Says:

    Yeah, it’s going well =] I plan to blog more often once I get my school schedule down pat.

  5. you know who Says:

    blog more…in between new experinces…..keep us posted on yu…..

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