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Amazing Things March 31, 2008

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Wow, I just got back to school from spring break. Isn’t that lovely? I’m already saddled with tons of homework and had to skip track practice. But on the bright side, I received the most excellent news today. I made it to State in Power of the Pen! (It’s a national writing competition) Me and Steven both made it. We are the only students from our school to ever make it past regionals. I am so excited to be going because only the top 15% of writers from regionals got to go onto the competition.

In other good news, I was invited to this female engineering and science career day at this local college. Apparently, I was recommended because of my involvement with the school robotics team. They only invite two or three girls from each school so I’m really excited.

  It’s my last quarter ever at my current school until high school so I’ve got to make this one count.


Stress! February 5, 2008

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Bijou Being Coy

Bijou is my picture of the day. I’m so stressed with science fair that I won’t make this a long post. I still have to finish my logbook and my board…by tommorow. I’m dying!


Momo! January 31, 2008

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Momo the Monkey!

Momo the Monkey

This is my picture of the day. This is my monkey Momo. He enjoys ice-cream, long walks on the beach, and the movie Casablanca.



Science Fair January 15, 2008

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I finally started my science fair project. I’m testing to see if listening to classical music really helps you do things better. I’m giving the third graders at my school a spelling test. One classes test it set to music, and the other’s isn’t. It’s actually pretty simple.