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Last Day at Granda’s January 13, 2008

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Yumm, I’ve been totally overloaded with good Haitian food. Chicken, spagetti with shrimp, and those little plaintain bananas are sooo good. I just ate breakfast and am now so full I can barely type. Ugh, I gotta learn have some self control.

I’m gonna be sad to go home today. (it was just an overnight trip) But I’ll see them again soon when they fly up here in Febuary. So it’s all good. =]



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After an hour long delay I finally arrived at my Grandparent’s house. Our flight was supposed to leave at 8:30 but we had some technical difficulties and we where delayed an hour. Our flight had about 10 other people on it. It was a nice flight and everyone talked to each other. At the end I was sad to say good bye to all the nice people I met there.

I had my interview for high school today. I think I did a good job. If I passed the first round interview, I’ll have to fly back up here in a few months for a tour and another interview. I’m so excited! The school was beautiful and very, very large. It is a college prep school. Some kids will live on campus but I’ll be living with my grandparents. I hope I get accepted!