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Card Games and Cold Pancakes June 25, 2008

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Yesterday, was a great day. I took a trip out to a rather lovely small town an hour away. My mom had a meeting with a nursing home director out there about getting some of her Psych students out their to spend the day with a resident. I set off with only my map of the grounds to guide me as I adventured around the grounds. It was a lovely day and I spent most of my time lounging around the lake and bought myself a plate of cold pumpkin pancakes from the cafeteria. (They where suprisingly good)

We finally got back in town about 3 o’ clock. It started to storm and thunder as soon as we got back into town. The weather has been extremely weird the past couple of days. We even had hail yesterday accompanied by thunder and lightning. Maybe I should move somewhere else, preferabbly somewhere with sunny weather. Luckily, one of my favorite movies, Happily Never After, was on. So I atleast had something to do during the storm.

I met my best friend DD at the gym too. We spent some of the time in the recreation room playing cards and messing with each others cell phones. He taught me how to play this card game called Speed and soon we had the whole room of kids asking for a turn. Eventually, I coaxed him into coming upstairs where all the real workout stuff was. We both went into the weight room and took turns doing that “spotting” thing. I could bench press about 60 pounds, which was I thought was pretty impressive until DD benched 130 pounds. Ugh, maybe weight lifting isn’t my thing.


Track April 3, 2008

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Apparently, I run with a huge smile on my face.


Amazing Things March 31, 2008

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Wow, I just got back to school from spring break. Isn’t that lovely? I’m already saddled with tons of homework and had to skip track practice. But on the bright side, I received the most excellent news today. I made it to State in Power of the Pen! (It’s a national writing competition) Me and Steven both made it. We are the only students from our school to ever make it past regionals. I am so excited to be going because only the top 15% of writers from regionals got to go onto the competition.

In other good news, I was invited to this female engineering and science career day at this local college. Apparently, I was recommended because of my involvement with the school robotics team. They only invite two or three girls from each school so I’m really excited.

  It’s my last quarter ever at my current school until high school so I’ve got to make this one count.


Relay for Life =] February 27, 2008

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Today was our mini-Relay For Life. We did laps in the gym, listened to cancer survivors, and also had a prayer service and a mass. This year, it was really different because I actually knew someone with cancer. My classmate, D, was diagnosed with bone cancer. He just recently came back to school and uses crutches because they had to replace a part of his leg bone. We’re all just relieved that he’s back in school with us.

I got to read at the prayer service because I’m part of the school’s relay for life team. I can’t wait for the real Relay for Life. This year it’s at the local college. My school’s team, the Lions, will have atleast one person making laps all eighteen hours. It’s always alot of fun and it all goes to a great cause.


Today, I told C and S about my possibly going to high school in St. Louis. I really want to go and will miss them alot. I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to say good-bye to everything I’ve ever known. I talked to the Admissions Director yesterday night. She was very nice and we talked for a while. I think I’ll be going up there to spend a day at the school this Friday. I am so excited!


Snow Daze… February 26, 2008

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There’s eight inches of snow outside…
Curved Yellow Fruit…
It’s a snow day! Wait, it’s more than that, it’s a snow storm! All the schools are out and I have the house to myself. What a perfect day. Maybe I’ll take this time to crochet my extra yarn I have lying around. Or just take  a nap.
I had to create a new Flickr page today. I somehow got locked out of my old account and can’t remember the password for my life. So now all of my pictures are gone so I’ll be stuck uploading all my old pictures for the next few days. Even though it’s annoying it could always be worse.
 It’s exercise day at the Y today. I don’t know if it’s too late to sign up for Cross Country or not. But if it is, atleast I’ll be ready for when tennis season starts. (aka as soon as this lousy snow melts) Tennis is my favorite sport but running is a close second. =]


Square Dancing February 25, 2008

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Today I had the unfortunate task of square dancing in gym class. I couldn’t believe that we where actually going to be doing someting this weird.


Track…or crosscountry? February 24, 2008

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It’s time to start training for track this year. I’m so excited! Me and S are going to be gym buddies since we live so close to each other. Awesome. So today I jogged about two miles. That’s not bad considering that I almost never exercise and that this was my first day of training. I’ve actually never been on a school sports team before, so I’m really nervous (hence the everyday training) But people have said that it’s really fun so I’ll give it a try.