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Pushing Daisys October 8, 2007

       Pushing LadiesWow, this week I’ve watched alot of new shows. I watched Chuck for the first time. (Pretty funny, you should see it) The slighty funny, mostly weird new show Cavemen was only watchable. And Moonlight, about a vampire detective, was alot better than it sounds. And Bionic Women, as expected, is action packed and really cool.

    Now prepare for me to push the show Pushing Daisys. It’s about a pie maker named Ned who, under unfortunate circumstances, discovers that he has the power to bring the dead back to life. But as with every gift there is a catch. If he touches someone after he’s brought them back to life they will die again. For good. Also once he keeps a dead person alive for a minute someone else will have to die in their place.

     It’s a funny show in a tragic kind of way. He brings the dead back to life for a minutes, asks them who killed them, and collects the reward money. It gets complicated after  he brings Chuck, his childhood friend, back to life after she was strangled on a cruise and tossed overboard. I won’t say how the episode ends but it involves retired ex-mermaids, eye patches, monkey statues, and an overly affectionate travel agent. That’s my kinda show.