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Proud Azu-maniac? September 26, 2007

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Azu GirlsUghh, I gotta stop this. Seriously. I have no money because of my recent purchase of all 4 Azumanga Daioh books. (I have a very small allowance -.- )It’s so hilarious in that WTH? kind of way. It’s basically all about the lives of five high school girls that go to the same school along with two crazy teachers. There are virtually no males in the story line except a teacher who is pretty creepy and an unfortunate student who’s bicycle is stolen by the teacher.

Unlike most manga for girls this isn’t all about which boys are soooooo cool and saving the world in tight outfits. It’s about the everyday lifes of Japanese teenagers with a little bit of surreal mixed in.

Everyone can find something in common with the characters. There’s Chiyo who is only 10 years old in high school and a child super genious. However she isn’t annoying and actually is the reall star of the show. (Also watching Osaka play with Chiyo’s ponytails are pretty disturbing)

And then there is Tomo who is energetic, athletic, and super competitive. However in rare moments of thoughtful ness she’s shown that she can have a softer side…for a few seconds.

Koyomi (Everyone calls her Yomi) is the most mature of the group. She’s also very smart. Her and Tomo grew up together and have never been in a different class (much to Yomi’s disbelief). She is always worried about her weight even though she is athletic. She always trys a new diet (but eventually fails). Many people can relate to her.

Sakaki is seen as the “cool bad girl” by everyone because she is incredibly tall and busty. However she really just longs for cute things. She is jealous of the way Chiyo-Chan is so cute and can do almost anything. Unfortunatly, Sakaki really likes animals but her parents won’t let her get a pet. She tried to remedy this by playing with the neighbor hood cat but he really hates her.

And last but not least there is Osaka! She’s the scene stealer of the group. It’s not that she’s flashy and rude, she’s just kinda slow and always distracted. She always has a funny philosophy to share with the group and has shown a vivid imagination (Her dream sequence’s are pretty disturbing) and can be considered smart in her own weird way.