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My Poor Little iPod March 20, 2009

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My poor little iPod, it’s been through many a music obsession. It stuck with me through my Britney Spears “OMGEEE, CIRCUS IS THE BEST SONG EVAR!” phase, didn’t complain when I overloaded it with the rollicking good times of Hot Hot Heat and the Rapture, and didn’t put up a fight when I delved into the dark side, I’m telling you people now, Mindless Self Indulgence is a gateway band that leads you to no where good.

But now I am hankering for new music to fill my quiet days. Lately I’ve noticed that I am not absolutely in love with all the songs on my iPod, so I’ve been putting my songs through my music test. My method is simple.  I open my iTunes library and play each song for about 30 seconds, if I get the urge to switch songs before time is up then I delete that song. I do this periodically to keep my iPod up to date and reflecting my musical tast which changes quiet often.

Coincidentally, I happen to love Datarock

Coincidentally, I happen to love Datarock


I’m going to have to do these by letter…turns out I had a lot more music than I thought!

Songs I Got Rid of and Songs I Added after the Jump

Songs I Got Rid Of –

The Academy Is – Classifieds

Adele – Crazy For You

A whole slew of songs by Cake, sorry boys. But we’re over.

Songs I Added –

A-Mei – 我可以抱你吗? (Translation – Can I hug you?)

Alphabeat – A Message

Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall In Love (Bach Logic Remix)

Girl Generation – Gee


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