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People Observations Pt. 1 – Airport Aristocrats March 23, 2009

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Greetings from the hypothetical skies.

I wish I could say I was writing this entry from way above the clouds, flying higher than the imagination could fathom but instead I’m writing from a stool in the crowded airport. I just had the misfortune of witnessing this rather husky fellow with a fat caterpillar of a mustache down his second greasy cheeseburger and follow it with a chocolate shake. Lovely visual, I know. But I digress, he was flipping through the latest Koontz novel as he, like me, waited for the lost plane to touchdown and let us aboard to take us to our destination. We’re going to the same place, live in the same place, and both will have someone waiting for us when we land. We have all this in common, yet we don’t know each other.  But this brought me to another thought, people pass in and out of our lives all the time, every day we walk down the street we pass people we will never meet. These people could be our future best friends, rivals, or even soulmates but we would never know unless we reached out to one another. I guess what I’m trying to say is that each person has their own life, goals, and unique stories and that’s it’s up to us to unwrap our set preconceptions about strangers and open our minds to everyone.


My Poor Little iPod March 20, 2009

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My poor little iPod, it’s been through many a music obsession. It stuck with me through my Britney Spears “OMGEEE, CIRCUS IS THE BEST SONG EVAR!” phase, didn’t complain when I overloaded it with the rollicking good times of Hot Hot Heat and the Rapture, and didn’t put up a fight when I delved into the dark side, I’m telling you people now, Mindless Self Indulgence is a gateway band that leads you to no where good.

But now I am hankering for new music to fill my quiet days. Lately I’ve noticed that I am not absolutely in love with all the songs on my iPod, so I’ve been putting my songs through my music test. My method is simple.  I open my iTunes library and play each song for about 30 seconds, if I get the urge to switch songs before time is up then I delete that song. I do this periodically to keep my iPod up to date and reflecting my musical tast which changes quiet often.

Coincidentally, I happen to love Datarock

Coincidentally, I happen to love Datarock


I’m going to have to do these by letter…turns out I had a lot more music than I thought!

Songs I Got Rid of and Songs I Added after the Jump



Life is nice!

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Ahh, the first week of spring break is almost over! What will I do with myself now? Another full week of vacation? The horror! Today I was talking to Ariggs about blogging when I suddenly remembered…Oh yeah! I have a blog! So here I am again, to dust off the cobwebs and start this blog anew. Thanks to everyone for sticking by me this whole time! I love you all!


Addictions of the Day

  • Blue Dash and White Jigsaw might be the most frusturating games I’ve played in awhile…yet I can’t stop playing. If you can get past level 5 in White Jigsaw, well…let’s just say you are a better person than I am.
  • Where the Wild Things Are, the classic children’s book, is being made into a movie. I’m hoping it will become a monstrous (haha, I’m so funny!) hit in the box office and won’t go the route that the Cat in the Hat was taken. I want it to be a bit dark, to keep with the original book, but I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.
  • Classic Disney Music + House Remix = Love
  • Today I am going to give my iPod a total makeover. All of my music right now is just okay. I have a pretty eclectic mix going on but now I’m wanting some change. Any suggestions?
  • Today I ate a spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Ice Cream…and enjoyed every sinful moment.
    Ben and Jerrys

    Ben and Jerry's