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Super Short Sunday September 28, 2008

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Beijing Bicyle was a terrific movie about the relations between social classes in China with a seriously screwed ending. You don’t hit people with bricks. End of story.


You torture us so September 27, 2008

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Apple Butter Muffins or What I Had for Lunch September 26, 2008

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Hey everybody! Sorry about not posting in forever! I’ll be trying to post at least every other day now.

School’s been going pretty well. Our activities fair is tommorow and the S.M.A.R.T. (Students Making A Real Tommorrow) panel is going to be the best. We made an Earth pinata from paper machie and filled it with Smarties candies. (Get it? We’re the SMART club and we give out smarties, tell me that wasn’t genius.) I know our panel is gonna be a hit. (Get it? Pinata? Hit? These beauties just keep coming.) Tommorow I’ll have a much better post for you guys.

Here are my current musical obsessions


The Rapture