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Thoughts of K July 11, 2008

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  • Yes, I know this is late but I just wanted to say that I’m really glad that Rafeal Nadal won Wimbledon this year. My dad and I where on the edge of our seats watching the tie-breaker. Every time it looked like Federer was about to win, Nadal would keep on swinging. It’s nice to have a new tennis champion. Hurray! (On another tennis related note, I always find the people who run to get the balls off the court really, really distracting)
  • When I pass on, I’d like to be buried near a tree. That way, when I decompose (yuck!) the tree will become healthier. Then, I’d like to imagine a little kid playing under the shade of the K-tree. (This sounds weird, but the idea is nice)
  • I started a new bike route around my town this week in order to prepare for doing two sports next years. (Two sports more than my usual zero!) I usually ride in the mornings and late afternoons when it’s cloudy and not too hot. I rode down to the park near my house and saw the cutest baby squirrel. It had black fur and was really tiny. I tried to ride up to the small squirrel really quietly but he heard me and ran away. I’ll just have to try again tommorow


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