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Card Games and Cold Pancakes June 25, 2008

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Yesterday, was a great day. I took a trip out to a rather lovely small town an hour away. My mom had a meeting with a nursing home director out there about getting some of her Psych students out their to spend the day with a resident. I set off with only my map of the grounds to guide me as I adventured around the grounds. It was a lovely day and I spent most of my time lounging around the lake and bought myself a plate of cold pumpkin pancakes from the cafeteria. (They where suprisingly good)

We finally got back in town about 3 o’ clock. It started to storm and thunder as soon as we got back into town. The weather has been extremely weird the past couple of days. We even had hail yesterday accompanied by thunder and lightning. Maybe I should move somewhere else, preferabbly somewhere with sunny weather. Luckily, one of my favorite movies, Happily Never After, was on. So I atleast had something to do during the storm.

I met my best friend DD at the gym too. We spent some of the time in the recreation room playing cards and messing with each others cell phones. He taught me how to play this card game called Speed and soon we had the whole room of kids asking for a turn. Eventually, I coaxed him into coming upstairs where all the real workout stuff was. We both went into the weight room and took turns doing that “spotting” thing. I could bench press about 60 pounds, which was I thought was pretty impressive until DD benched 130 pounds. Ugh, maybe weight lifting isn’t my thing.


Whoa June 11, 2008

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Wow, I hadn’t realized how lazy I had been in my posting. (Forgive me, everyone!) I haven’t posted in a really long time. Sorry about that everybody, I promise I’ll use this summer to get back to my old posting habits. Over my very long break I finally became a high schooler! (Hurray!) I’ll be moving across the country to a pretty cool high school that I’m really excited about. I also became the Youth Diabetes Ambassador for the local chapter. I’ve done alot the past month or so and want to tell you all all about it. =]