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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… April 29, 2008

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Hmm, We’re been making more preperations for my move for high school this summer. We got a letter in the mail from the school today. It was just information about if I wanted to take the exam to take Advanced History. (No thanks…)  But I am very excited about going next year. Since it is definitly for sure that I’m going, I started to tell people. (Only a few of my really good friends)

I have to send in my list of classes that I plan on taking next year. I already know what classes I am taking and what electives. But I’m stuck when it comes to deciding what language I should pick. I’ve narrowed it down to Mandarin Chinese, French, or Spanish. I took Spanish lessons before and didn’t enjoy them. But, my Mom speaks spanish fluently so she could help me study for tests and doing the homework. But Grandma also speaks fluent French and could help me. (Helpful, because I’ll be living with them) Oh well, I have time to figure out which language I want to learn. OR MAYBE I’LL TAKE MANDARIN JUST TO BE A REBELLLL. MUHAHAHA!

Learning a new language will be really interesting. I can’t wait for next year!


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