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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… April 29, 2008

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Hmm, We’re been making more preperations for my move for high school this summer. We got a letter in the mail from the school today. It was just information about if I wanted to take the exam to take Advanced History. (No thanks…)  But I am very excited about going next year. Since it is definitly for sure that I’m going, I started to tell people. (Only a few of my really good friends)

I have to send in my list of classes that I plan on taking next year. I already know what classes I am taking and what electives. But I’m stuck when it comes to deciding what language I should pick. I’ve narrowed it down to Mandarin Chinese, French, or Spanish. I took Spanish lessons before and didn’t enjoy them. But, my Mom speaks spanish fluently so she could help me study for tests and doing the homework. But Grandma also speaks fluent French and could help me. (Helpful, because I’ll be living with them) Oh well, I have time to figure out which language I want to learn. OR MAYBE I’LL TAKE MANDARIN JUST TO BE A REBELLLL. MUHAHAHA!

Learning a new language will be really interesting. I can’t wait for next year!


Todays News

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  • Today, my team totally destroyed the other team in musical Jeoperdy. The score was $3,200 to $200
  • Yum, Swedish Fish are so tasty. They are like gummy bears sophisticated cousin.
  • Another letter from my new school arrived today =]
  • I’m lost adrift a sea of history homework, with no lifeboat in sight.
  • Apparently, piano teachers dislike me.
  • Haha, diabetes is so lovely. I just got a beautiful lecture on remembering to wear socks. If I don’t my foot will be amputated, and then I’ll die. Great…just what I wanted to hear…
  • I enjoy long bike rides and tennis matches
  • I have decided to take dance and tennis as my required sports. As for my required language…who knows?
  • Ugh, I don’t want to write anything of substance today so I’m ending this entry right now. The next one will be longer.

New York April 27, 2008

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Wow, New York was alot of fun. I love how there where so many different people there, unlike the small town I currently reside in… x_x

I really loved it alot. We toured Ellis Island, were promptly abandoned by our ferry boat, and visited Battery Park before touring the actual city. We saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway, it was an excellent show and my first time seeing a real Broadway performance. It was amazing, like no thing I’d ever seen before. I really can’t wait to go back to see more shows.

(More Details Past the Break)



6 Random Things April 22, 2008

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I don’t really feel like blogging today. So here are 6 random things I feel like writing about.

  1. Today, I told Miss F. about the Bike for Diabetes that is taking place this summer. Since I won’t be around next fall, the whole team can walk in the summer.
  2. I can’t wait for the class trip to New York tommorow! We got our bus partners today. I’m with Sarah! We’re both going to feast on Skittles and Cheez-Itz the whole ride. I got a new outfit for the trip. We’re going to go see The Little Mermaid on Broadway. We where originally going to go see the Lin King but the confusion of the Writer’s Strike got eveything mixed up.
  3. Speaking of feasting, I really, REALLY could go for some Chipotle right now.
  4. I’m writing a new story right now. I’m making up characters right now. I can feel the creativity bubbling up inside me.
  5. I’m clearing out my camera for the trip tommorow. Ohh my, uploading takes forever. Only 600 more pictures to go…
  6. Hey Buddy, why the long face? Gas prices got you down?

English Festival Part 2 April 20, 2008

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       Yay, English Festival was one of the best days ever. I really enjoyed it and Joan Bauer’s speech was excellent. She was funny and crazy. I actually got to talk to her for a little while after her speech. She told me that I have to write about what I know. She autographed my copy of Thwonk and took a picture with me. She also talked about her new book Peeled, about a corupt newspaper that instills fear in a small community. It sounded really good, I have to buy it the next time I’m at the book store.

     I also had some other classes during the day. I heard a speech by Chris Crutcher, king of censorship and author of The Sledding Hill and Whale Talk. I made a new friend named Eliza, she and I had the same class schedule so we walked to all our class together.



English Festival April 15, 2008

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I’m so excited, jazzed, estatic, about English Festival tommorow. (Notice my colorful, vivid adjectives? That’s practice for Power of the Pen next week) English Festival is a big meeting of all the schools in the area. At the beginning of the year the English Fest students received a list of books that we all had to read, take notes, and take tests on. All the books were really good. (You can see which books they were if you keep reading past the break =] )
I have excellent news! One of the guest author’s is the author of Hope Was Here, Joan Bauer! Hope Was Here is one of my favorite books ever. I’m going to have sign my copy of Thwonk and Hope Was Here. I’m so excited for tommorow, I’ve never actually met an author of a book I really loved before. Another author I’m really looking forward to see is Christopher Paul Curtis, author of Bud, Not Buddy and The Watson’s Go to Birmingham. Now I think I’ll start working on my own book.


Yay! April 5, 2008

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I’m officially going to St. Louis. I’m so excited! But I’ll miss everybody I know here.


Note: Sorry about all my recent posts being extrememly short, it’s been really busy lately.