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Cell Phones. March 22, 2008

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*Self Centered Rant*

I hate cell phones. Well, that’s not really true. I hate not having a cell phone. It’s not just not fair. I mean, I’m always helpful around the house, and babysit GA & DA all the time (for FREE, no less!) But as soon as I mention getting a cell phone, I instantly get a no. Maybe I’m being selfish. I know that they can be expensive and that texting can be expensive. But how am I supposed to stay in touch with my friends when I’m halfway across the country next semester? It’s not fun always being left out of things that happen at school because all the invitations for things go out via text message. It’s really not fun when someone asks for your cell number and you have to say that you don’t have one. It’s the pity that they get in their eyes that bother me.


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