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Momo! January 31, 2008

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Momo the Monkey!

Momo the Monkey

This is my picture of the day. This is my monkey Momo. He enjoys ice-cream, long walks on the beach, and the movie Casablanca.

Today was a normal day. I played the choir chimes at mass and skipped gym to do my science homework. In other words…nothing of interest happened today! I need to move to a more interesting place…


2 Responses to “Momo!”

  1. valezki Says:

    Hi there!
    Cool monkey! He’s got character, I can tell!
    Thanks for checking my blog by the way!
    It’s great to know that I have visitors besides
    family and friends ; )

    Bye bye
    Valesca (valezki)

  2. Kels Says:

    Thanks for the comment =]
    I know how you feel. My family is on my blog all the time too…

    ❤ Kels

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