The Day Of K

Who’s amazing? I’m amazing.

This certainly looks propitious January 21, 2008

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Free Rice; Learn New Words; Help Feed The Hungry

Word of the week- Mezzanine

No idea what that word means? Visit Free Rice . By playing a simple (or in this case not so simple) word game, you can donate an unlimited amount of rice to feed the hungry. This nonprofit site will donate 20 grains of rice per word to people who other wise would not have anything to eat. Think about it. Every time you click in the game, you’ll be feeding a family. In one game you can easily donate 4 bowls of rice. You’ll be saving lives. You’ll be learning new words and making a difference. Just try it, it’s a charming game with a good message. So go ahead, use your massive knowledge to raise rice and become the humanitarian you’ve always wanted to be.


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