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Not Happy October 8, 2007

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Today I did the Walk for Diabetes. My team…-ahem- my mother’s team rose alot of money this year. Maybe next year I’ll have a team of my own. That’d be awesome. It was so hot today at least 90 degrees.But otherwise the walk wasn’t that bad. The walk was five miles long, for someone with no athletic abilitys that’s alot. But I did it. And I’m pretty proud.


In other diabetes news, my mother said if I write down all my blood sugars until the end of October I can get Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (for the wii). There’s nothing like a little healthy materialism to get me motivated. I wonder if she knows it’s $90…

Guitar Hero


One Response to “Not Happy”

  1. girlinthecrosswalk Says:

    🙂 I’m glad you’re out doing things for diabetes! And that you’re taking care of yourself even if it is only to get Guitar Hero III… btw Wii ROCKS.

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