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From My Old Blog… July 28, 2007

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       Just because I have a strange fasination with Winnie The Pooh doesn’t mean I plan to buy every single product available. I bought the video game, the DVD , and have been in love with the  TV ever since I saw it.
      But even I think that the Winnie The Pooh Barbie crossed the line. Yep, it comes with Winnie The Pooh pajamas and a sleep mask. Now don’t get me wrong even I own Winnie The Pooh pajamas as a little kid, but I think that Barbie and Winnie the Pooh don’t really go together. Maybe it’s because I saw the Barbie Girl song (by Aqua) I can no longer see Barbie as innocent.
       I guess it could always be worse. Now that I’ve finished up my ranting, I guess all that’s left for me to do is sit back with my Winnie the Pooh DVDs, some popcorn, and just relax. 


Clocky = Cool July 27, 2007

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       Yep, this crazy contraption is both adorable and crazy. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s great, it’s cute, it’s Clocky! This little alarm clock isn’t just a regular annoying thing made to wake you up from your peaceful rest. It’s a super annoying thing to wake you up from your sleep in the most annoying way possible.
       When you press the snooze button Clocky will literally jump off your nightstand, and using it’s wheels it will race across your floor making random turns and twists to try and hide. Not only do you get up and chase it around, it also keeps beeping until you find it and turn it off.
       It comes in Almond, White, and Minty Green. Everyone needs one, and everyone wants one. Now, I only have to convince my parents to give me 50$ to buy one.